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Where to Invest in Spokane

Real estate is not just a piece of land or the home you live in. Real estate is also an investment whether you are living in the home or not. There are certainly neighborhoods in Spokane which are better to invest in than others. Below are the top four neighborhoods to invest in in the Greater Spokane Areas.

1. The Perry District


This district still maintains the charm it created in the late 1800’s with its  turn of the century mansions. Many older rancher/multistory homes have low prices and great “fix up” potential. Additionally, this district, like the others mentioned on this list, is centered around a booming small business district with local shops, restaurants, and more. With easy access to local parks, picturesque tree lined sidewalks and a short drive to the highway, this neighborhood is sure to continue to accumulate value. For homes in this district click here!

2. The Garland District


The Garland District, home of Synergy Properties, feels like stepping into a Leave it to Beaver episode with its 1950s style architecture, the historic Garland Theatre, and the milk bottle. This neighborhood has plenty of yummy restaurants and knick knack shops, but it is also a great area to invest in. This area is sure to see a rise in average home sale prices within the next few years because of its iconic appeal and booming small businesses. For homes in this district click here!

3. The Audubon District


Spokane’s Audobon District, also a big up and comer, is home to restaurants like the Flying Goat and Downriver Grill. Sure to be a great family neighborhood, this area is also located just miles from Joel E. Ferris stadium. If you are touring this area, don’t forget to check out Audobon Park, one of Spokane’s best neighborhood parks! For homes in this area click here!

4. Browne’s Addition


Browne’s Addition was Spokane’s first neighborhood. For decades this neighborhood was an enclave for the city’s elite residents. Located just south of downtown Spokane, this district is home to many historical buildings that are associated with the founders of Spokane. Browne’s Addition is the melting pot of Spokane. Anyone from college students to retired CEO’s live in this area. For homes in this area click here!








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