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Spokane Summer Real Estate

If you’re interested in the Spokane real estate market, you better know your numbers. Sixty percent of all home sales during the year happen between May and August. So if you’re looking to score that perfect pad or fishing for a high bid, know that this is the time to do so. Every year, buyers wait out the harsh winter weather to get to this peak season where the market sees its highest volume. This is when you see a house for what it is- no snow to hide the weed beds. Buyers and sellers, take caution to following advice.


Showing your home in the summer is like pitching your million dollar idea to a room of investors. Your pitch is the lifestyle your home will provide and your audience is the slew of prospective buyers. In this respect, your job is to convince buyers that your home will give them the type of living experience they always dreamed of. How do you do this? Make them feel comfortable by turning up the air conditioning. Provide cold bottles of water in a decorative display basket for each showing. Adding touches like this will up the “wow” factor. Second, stage your home for summer living. Outdoor areas can be real selling points, so fix them up like you were looking to entertain guests. Buyers will likely envision themselves entertaining in these same areas. Lastly, a key advantage of summer selling is the ability to take better photos. Hire a professional photographer to showcase your home. These photos are the initial hook that will lead to more showings- that means they’re important.

Playing the role of a buyer calls you to be on your “A-game” as well. You are the decider of your fate. This means that you must objectively weigh details from selling price to garage space and keep your emotions in check. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of granite countertops, but you need keep your priorities first. In order to do that, you must first make a list of priorities and stick to it. If you need three bedrooms, don’t settle for two because you found a stellar location and the basement could be converted. Your dream home is out there, you’ve just got to stay persistent and know that you are in control of where you live. Take advantage of the summer months to get out there and find where you were meant to be.


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