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Spokane: Near Nature, Near Perfect

So there I was sitting in a meeting, intently listening to the descriptions of the new listings, anxiously awaiting the next picture, when I blurted out the statement “Spokane: Near Nature, Near Perfect”… For the past few years this has been our glorious town’s slogan and I have caught myself using it to describe several of my listings, but today I finally thought about how perfect Spokane really is.

Not many places in the world have as much to offer as Spokane does, and I’m not just referencing our GIGANTIC Red Wagon or our garbage eating goat. Where else will you be minutes away from over 30 golf courses, 6 ski resorts, a myriad of recreational lakes, and numerous hiking and biking trails? Probably nowhere, unless you are willing to pay the egregiously overpriced lift tickets and greens fees, or deal with course reservations and lift lines that seem to last for miles or overpopulated lakes that are more green in color and have more mosquitoes than a radio-edit Eminem CD has bleeps.  We are truly lucky to have the recreational beauty that we have in Spokane. Sure, sometimes we have snow on our streets and sometimes we might get a little warm in the summers… but it’s a dry heat… (Ever been to Hot-Lanta in the summer?).

Spokane’s atmosphere and culture can quite literally fit any individual’s desire. For example, if you like the hustle and bustle of city life, we have a sizeable downtown for you to shop and play. If country life is more your style… well… take your pick there, we have the rolling hills of the Palouse or is a log cabin high in the woods more your style? Either way, you want it, Spokane has it all!

For many towns, Spring is considered the “wake up” period. Meaning, the Spring cleaning, groggy-eyed, shift from Winter to Summer attitude. However, Spokane doesn’t offer you that luxury. In fact, in Spokane you hit the slopes around 8:00 AM for some phenomenal spring skiing, grab some lunch on the way down the mountain and you’re on the links by 2:00. You can then wind down your day with a nice little hike/ride down Spokane’s centennial trail before grabbing a nice meal at one of our many enjoyable restaurants.

Spokane is such an amazing place to live and play, that I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live anywhere else. So get out there and experience what this great area has to offer! And don’t forget to call or email  if you decide to move to this great city!

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