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Neighborhood Profile: 5 Mile Prairie

The Five Mile Prairie neighborhood is situated in an area rich with Native American history. In 1010 A.D. the prairie belonged to the Siwash Indian Tribe. The location was originally named Billymeechum, “home of the tall grass,” after the Siwash Chief for its distinctive prairies. Another iconic feature of this neighborhood is its towering volcanic rock walls that the Siwash Tribe used to paint significant events in its history. These depictions can still be seen today and give onlookers a unique glimpse into the world of the past. In 1879 the first white settlers arrived and changed the name to Five Mile to signify the distance that stood between it and the Spokane Falls.


This neighborhood carries a welcoming suburban feel, but with such close proximity to downtown Spokane, the excitement of the city is just around the corner. Its location offers a perfect compromise for folks who want that traditional suburban experience but don’t want to be too out of reach from the hustle and bustle of city living. With home prices averaging around $250,000, expect comfortable living in this low crime neighborhood. Average price per square foot for homes in Five Mile Prairie was $84 in the most recent quarter, which is 9.09% higher than the average price per square foot for homes in Spokane. This figure has been slowly rising since the early 2000’s and shows promise for continued growth, making it a worthy place to invest in real estate.

Five Mile Prairie offers many outlets for fun, education, exercise, and religious practice. Catch a movie downtown at the Magic Lantern Theatre on a Friday night and head to Boots Bakery for drinks and food. You have a choice between two school districts, Mead and Spokane, both offering top grade educational opportunities for your young ones. Take advantage of the extensive trail system Five Mile offers for bike rides, jogs, or long walks. Lastly, if you’re looking for a place to accommodate your religious practices, this neighborhood offers close access to a variety of worship centers from Synagogues to Islamic centers. Find your home today!

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