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Is your home welcoming to home buyers?

Many homeowners in the Spokane use their garage as the front door to their home. They come home, park the car head into the laundry room.  Paying attention to what the entry to your home looks like in-between trick or treaters on Halloween is important. This is the place a potential buyer will get their first impression of your home, and the last impression they have when they leave.

How many times have you gone to watch the game or hang out with friends and when you arrive you are not sure where to enter? Chances are if you have not been using your front door this may the first impression a buyer may have when they visit your home. The transition from the outside to the inside of your house is important but more importantly it is the last thing they will see and most likely remember when reviewing the properties they have looked at. This can be crucial when trying to attract first time home buyers. If you have not spent much time thinking about this your not alone. Here are a couple of tips to making your entryway more appealing.

Edge your driveway and walkway

Clean lines are pleasing to the eye and define boundaries. Edge your driveway and walkways with a edger or add pavers and decorative landscaping blocks. Installation takes a little manual labor but the end result is worth the trouble. Use a string line for a guide and remove the sod or other material equal to the width of your blocks. Measure your blocks and dig down an additional two inches. Back fill the additional two inches of depth with sand for a stable base and lay in your blocks. Spread sand and cover the blocks to fill in the joints, then brush away the excess.

Lights action sale

Provide adequate light along the path to the front door. Solar powered low voltage landscaping lights can make a huge impact on curb appeal. They also create a nice pathway to the front door. If buyers are looking at your home after work in the evening not only does this create a nice lit runway for them but it gives your yard a nice glow. Accent up-lighting can also be placed at the bottoms of trees and in flower beds to keep the yard lit and safe. Place lighting anywhere you want to draw attention. You don’t need to be an electrician to make these improvements, several simple solutions are available at most hardware stores or garden centers, and if you go solar you just stick the lights in the ground and walk away.

Make a bullseye out of the front door.

Buyers should never have to search for the right place to knock to take a look at the inside of your home. Make the entry to your castle worthy of a sale. Clean the walkway to the door, making sure that it is visible from the street. Get out the paintbrush and give your front door some color, polish the hardware and make sure that porch light is on. Create a little symmetry to draw potential buyers attention. Adding symmetry is easy (it doesn’t take a-lot of skill to match the left side of your door to the right or vise versa) and it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Match light fixtures and add some plant boxes with flowers or shrubs and x marks the spot, you have a entry.

Get a healthy case of the Joneses 

Take the dog for a walk or go for a jog in your neighborhood, are there any houses that stand out? Take out your phone and take a couple of pics. Use your neighbors houses as inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Remember to differentiate your home from theirs nothing is worse when buying a home then driving down a street of identical houses.

By making your entry to your home more welcoming you are improving the value of your home and making it more attractive to potential buyers. The team at synergy properties will give you an honest estimate, and let you know what actions you can take to really make a difference. Your Synergy Properties Realtor can also save you time and money by keeping you from taking on expensive projects that are not necessary to add value to your home. Having sold thousands of properties we can tell you what works and what does not.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home The professionals at Synergy Properties know the Spokane local Real-Estate market and have become experts at serving the Spokane community. Give us your your criteria and we will find a home for you. For more information contact us at (509) 624-4400 or visit us on the web here

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