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9 Summer Activities in Spokane, WA 2017

By Gunnar Ty Conley

It’s Summer time, the sun is shining and the water is warm.  It’s time to do everything you wish you could do when it was Winter, but if you’re like most, coming up with unique activities can be a struggle at times.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 9 Summer activities that can make any Summer afternoon one of the best yet!

  1. Manito Park

One of Spokane’s prized gems, Manito Park serves as one of the most well maintained and prettiest parks featuring a collection of gardens, ponds and recreational activity unmatched by anything nearby.  Just minutes from downtown Spokane, Manito’s proximity and rich history make this our top spot to visit this Summer.

View of Duncan Gardens in Manito Park by Gunnar Ty Conley

Photo by Gunnar Ty Conley

“Manito Park was originally named, “Montrose Park” and to this day the primary garden showplace in Spokane. Montrose Park was changed to Manito Park in 1903 and originally played host to a zoo among other family friendly activities. Manito means, “spirit of nature”. There are 90 acres worth of immaculate flower beds, greenhouse overflows, perfumes of roses and lilacs, living creatures such as swans, geese and ducks and so much more.” – Manito Park Website

Take a stroll through Duncan Garden, noting the beautiful flora and majestic granite fountain gifted by Mrs. Davenport.  Elsewhere in the park, enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the Nishinomiya-Tsutakawa Japanese Garden and experience Manito at its best.  Stop by Mirror Pond and admire the ducks and water fowl and, at the end of the day, grab a snack and a drink at Park Bench Café.  Manito has it all, so take advantage of this amazing Spokane park.  Click here for a walking brochure.


  1. Riverfront Park Movies


If you’re a parent and want to enjoy the summer weather with your kiddos, Riverfront Park Movies are a perfect evening opportunity.  Located in the center of Spokane at Riverfront Park and $5 a person (five and under is free), this is an affordable activity for all family’s alike.  Check the film schedule here!

view of people on lawn at riverfront park outdoor movie from Spokane City Website

Photo by Epic Events via SpokaneCity Website
Don’t forget a lawn chair and a blanket.  Bring your own snack or grab one from the many food trucks present!


  1. Riverside State Park


Spokane offers a lot more outdoor activity than most believe, and Riverside State Park is a prime example of a locally known hot spot of outdoor leisure.  Offering everything from hiking trails and camping, to rock climbing and water activity, Riverside is an amazing for its diversity and its proximity to downtown Spokane (did we mention it’s only 15 minutes away?) As with most Washington parks, it requires a Discover Pass – but for only $33 for a whole year, it pays for itself in no time.

To find the latest information on maintenance, hours and special events, follow Riverside State Park on Facebook!

View of Bowl and pitcher at Riverside Park from Wikipedia

Photo by Benjamin Cody via Wikipedia

  1. Green Bluff Growers


A beautiful collection of sustainable independently own farms, Green Bluff Growers is a dedicated association designed to protect and empower small farms in the Greater Spokane Area.  Originally started as an association to protect independent farmers, Green Bluff has become an association promoting farming, recreation and tourism while promoting local businesses.  Green Bluff has all the ingredients of a perfect Summer afternoon from picking fresh fruit, horseback rides, to enjoying a glass of wine at dusk.  The Summer months are chalk full of U-pick opportunities, June is strawberry season, July is cherry season and August is peach season.  On July 21st, Green Bluff is host to the Cherry Pickers’ Trot, an annual celebration of ripe cherry’s consisting of a 4-mile race and a pit spitting competition! Register for the 4-mile race here.  During each Summer fruit season, Green Bluff goes all out with food, pies, music and family fun!

View of tractor at Greenbluff Growers in Spokane from Greenbluff website

Photo via Green Bluff Growers Website



  1. Spokane Indians Game


Spokane may not be known for its professional sports, but this town doesn’t need a big-name franchise to showcase our sporting fandom.  The Spokane Indians have been a part of the Spokane community for over 100 years.  What’s better than grabbing a cold one on a summer weeknight and watching a great baseball game for as cheap as $6?  Not only that, the Indians offer frequent promotional nights in which fans can get even more bang for their buck! The Indians play through the beginning of September, don’t miss out on this easy Summer outing!


  1. Spokane County Golf Courses


Whoever said the Northwest wasn’t good for golf was wrong, Spokane County offers three beautiful 18-hole courses for all skill levels alike.  Worried about the quality of public golf courses?  No need to worry here, these three courses are in prime condition and can challenge even the most expert of golfers.  Liberty Lake, Spokane County’s newest and most updated course offers $6 million worth of greens, short range training areas and a beautiful new clubhouse to cool off and take a load off in. Liberty Lake is located here.  Hangman Valley is a 72-par 18 hole course redesigned in 2008 geared for any level of golfer and offers an extremely solid driving range.  Hangman is located here.   MeadowWood, regarded as the best of the three and one of Golf Digest’s 1966 “Top 10 best public courses in Washington,” has got all you need for a great day on the greens.  Located in Liberty Lake, MeadowWood is host to many youth and adult competitions.  MeadowWood is located here.

You can get a season pass or utilize their special offers at any of the three courses, or book a tee time at any of the three courses here.



  1. Silverwood


What kid doesn’t love a great amusement park?  And the addition of an amazing water park?  Get out of here! Silverwood and Boulder Beach offer everything you need to make that hot Saturday afternoon into the highlight of the summer.  Offering tons of rollercoasters, rides, slides and a seriously sweet lazy river, Silverwood has it all! Located less than an hour from Spokane, Silverwood offers a variety of ticket options and even offers a discount if you pay ahead of time.

View of roller coasters and rides at Silverwood Theme Park from Silverwood Website

Photo via Silverwood Website

  1. Liberty Lake Regional Park


Just East of Spokane next to the beautiful Liberty Lake lays the Liberty Lake Regional Park, a beautiful Spokane County managed public-use park.  Less than 30 minutes away from Spokane, the park offers camping, the beautiful Liberty Lake Loop Trail, as well as an awesome Off-Road Park.  It’s a sprawling concentration of wildlife and outdoor activity accessible to all Spokane residents.

  1. Discovery Park at Mirabeau Point Park


Last but not least, when it comes to sweet playgrounds Spokane is no stranger – but Discovery Park at Mirabeau Point Park takes the cake.  Technically located in Spokane Valley, Discovery Park is an innovative play/learn playground that includes elements of nature, music and architectural structures to immerse children in an interactive environment.  Discovery Park is located here, as a part of Mirabeau Point Park.

View of Discovery Park Playground and path

Photo via Spokane Valley Website

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