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7 Listing Photo Don’ts

Don’t: Catch yourself in the photo

This happens more than you would expect. Whether you are a realtor or selling your home on your own, be very wary of mirrors and reflections. This mistake can often go unnoticed, so be sure to proof your listing pictures before you start to advertise.


Don’t: Catch your animals in the photo

Although everyone loves a cute animal picture, animals do not belong in listing photos. They may cause the unnecessary worry for a potential buyer that your animal did damage to the house in some way.


Don’t: Leave your house dirty

This may sounds obvious, however, there are plenty of photos on the Multiple Listing Service that show the homeowner’s uncleanly habits. Listing photos should show off the best side of the house. Leaving unnecessary clutter or mess just distracts from that.


Don’t: Over edit your photos

Often times, agents and homeowners alike will add unnecessary photo edits that distort the entire image. Be real. Show potential buyers that your home doesn’t need dramatized images to look amazing!


Don’t: Take photos in the dark

I can’t stress this one enough! So many photos are taken in poor lighting that they cause rooms and homes to look smaller than they actually are. By using the available natural and home lighting, listing photos are sure to make the home seem more open and clean.


Don’t: Leave up holiday decorations

Even if it is the holiday season, decorations should never be included in listing photos. Not only do they date the time your house has been on the market, but the come off looking unprofessional.


Don’t: Show off home blemishes

Odds are, if you gut tells you says that area of the house isn’t worth photographing, then it isn’t. Additionally, misleading a buyer is never the way to go. Focus on the areas of your home that you wouldn’t want to photograph and improve them!

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