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6 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

With temperatures in the triple digits lately, some of you may be wondering how to keep your home cool. The obvious first solution is to invest in an air conditioning system. However, these are often very expensive and buying one during the hot months will result in an even higher price. Below is a list of alternative options that will help keep your home bearable in the coming weeks.


  1. Close your windows

Many people think that opening their windows allow for better air flow. However, the air that is actually coming in is usually very hot and dry. Opening your windows will just allow hot air to circulate around the home resulting in an increased internal temperature.


  1. Shut off the lights

Although this can’t always be done, shutting off any unnecessary lights or appliances will be sure to remove excess heat. Even in standby mode, many electronics will remain hot.


  1. Install Awnings

Awnings are a great way to cut down on the heat that your home absorbs. They allow for the heat to be reflected off and away from your home.


  1. Eat Cold Meals

Eating cool meals like salads, cold soups, sandwiches, etc. lower your internal body temperature which makes the hot weather that much more bearable. If you do find cooking vital, try to use your grill or microwave. Ovens and stoves will increase a kitchen’s temperature drastically.


  1. Invest in a Ceiling or Stand Alone Fan

Ceiling fans need to run in a direction so that the cold air is blown down and the hot air rises. Remember that ceiling fans do not cool rooms, just people, so be sure to turn it off whenever you leave. Stand alone fans partnered with a spray bottle full of water will create a cool breeze as well.


  1. Take a Cold Shower

This may be very obvious, but it is worth mentioning. In Spokane, our hot weather is extraordinarily dry, so the added hydration will keep you cool and moisturize your skin.

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