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5 Tips for Selling your Home in Summer

The Odds Are In Your Favor


Did you know that 60% of all home sales occur from May to August? Homes that listed during the summer help to get the attention of families looking to sell before school starts up again.


Pictures That Pop


Summer photos are naturally more attractive! Make sure to have a well-maintained yard and clean windows and your listing pictures are sure to catch the eye of a potential buyer. Not to mention the fact that summer days in Spokane are more often than not sunny!


Be Ahead Of The Curve


Listing your home in early summer, when there is less competition, allows more potential buyers to see your home. It also helps you to sell your home at a higher price because there are less homes to choose from. Buyers want to find a home in early to mid summer so they aren’t rushed before the school year begins.


Price It Right


Pricing is always one of the most important parts of selling a home. However, the real estate industry is somewhat seasonal. Spring sales are usually a good indicator of how summer sales will go. However, there is more competition during the summer so pricing your home competitively from the get go is a must.


Bidding Wars Have Decreased


In 2013, it wasn’t uncommon to find a house that had multiple offers on it. However, 2014 has shown that there are less and less bidding wars because inventory has increased.

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