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5 Things to do Before Summer Ends

Visit Riverfront Park


Not only is Riverfront Park one of the most family friendly places in Spokane, but it also is home to many summer events such as outdoor movies showings and the famous Pig Out in the Park. Make sure to make some time to visit this beautiful park. Take your kids on the carousel, see an IMAX movie, or ride the gondola to see the Spokane River. Better yet, leave the kids at home and enjoy a romantic picnic with your loved one before work and school make your schedules more hectic.


Go on a Mini Road Trip


With Spokane’s, excellent location near national parks, camping grounds, many lakes, etc. Taking a mini road trip would be the perfect way to spend some time outdoors and with your loved ones. Plus, you can discover the amazing world around you. Some suggested spots to go to are Columbia Plateau Trail State Park, Mount Spokane State Park, or Greenbluff for some fresh summer fruit.


Eat Somewhere New


Spokane offers a wide variety of cuisine in all different settings. For something organic, vegan, or just plain healthy try going to Boot’s Bakery or Central Food. If you are more in the mood for good food for your family, try Tomato Street or the Onion. However, if you want something different or new to try go to The Flying Goat or Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine.


See a Movie in a Unique Setting


Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, you name it! There are so many different ways to stream online movies and TV shows nowadays that  we are losing the actual movie going experience. Luckily enough, Spokane has two theatres that are sure to provide something new or atypical from what we all are used to. The Magic Lantern Theatre may be small, but it costs less and plays more unique movies than regular theatres. The Garland Theatre, right next to Synergy Properties!, also offers a lower cost experience that includes the option of getting meals or alcoholic beverages.


Do Something You Have Always Wanted To


Summer is great because we perceive it as a small “break” from normal life. The kids are out of school and people seem to put a greater influence on spending time together as a family. Use this time to do something you have always wanted to, whether it is by yourself or with your family.

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