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    Finding a real estate agent is a difficult task. Often, home buyers or sellers are not communicated enough with, are not given the best deals possible, or are simply unsure of what they want. That is where Jake Senescall comes in...

    " I recently moved here 2 years ago from Spokane Washington. I have been in Real-estate for over 13 years and before that I was in the Navy stationed over in Norfolk, Virginia serving on the USS Deyo DD 989. Some of the things that I enjoy are traveling, going to concerts, hiking, camping and fishing not to mention I am a foodie I love to cook and try new things out. Since living in the Dallas area I have been allowed to add to all my hobbies and interests and lets just say I have not had a dull moment yet.

    Living in the Dallas area I have noticed many things. Some of these things are everyone is either moving into the area or moving out of the area, I believe that there are more people moving to Dallas. Everything takes 30 minutes even if it is the smallest of errands, and I have learned to adapt quickly when certain tasks come up or need to be completed. It also can get real hot, which I don't mind as I would take the heat over cold any day. Another thing I have noticed is there is there are a multitude of activities daily, that you can join or be apart of. There is always an opportunity to do something only if you choose to do so.

    Living in Dallas for the last two years I have been fortunate to sell many homes. I have learned that it is not just one big market but multiple markets. Some are fast and some are slow depending on the criteria and area. I have also learned that speed and communication are key when buying and selling a home. You have to have both or there will be a break down along the way which will create frustration and anger.

    If you allow me to work with you, I can promise you this. I am very responsive and attentive. I will work at your pace as long as you can communicate that to me. NO one likes a pushy agent. My goal is to you and myself is to deliver the best of service not only by selling you a home, but by being your go to realtor in all aspects of real estate.

    I believe that time is the most precious thing a person can give. I am committed to giving you my time, and I promise you will not regret it.

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    Jake Senescall
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